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Mariah Carey asking for hot tea during her NYE performance pic. If Mariah Carey can make it through that performance without her hot tea, then I can make it through another year.

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Logo and all related marks and designs are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. The Backlot. Sometimes he makes them do something dumb, like a ropes course or a photo album, and sometimes he makes them do something great, like when the firefighters learned how to dance. The Congress in Peru has rejected a bill to legalize civil unions by a vote of , with two abstentions. In his standout episode, he has a fascinating conversation with a police officer about Black Lives Matter. So fitting Wet Hot American Summer into his life was tough. The Gryffindor House after Harry caught the golden snitch in his mouth blackhogwarts pic.

To be a part of fiat twitter you must: Reason I canceled my trip to London is that John Cleese did not participate in the season of Monty Python's Flying Circus, yielding episodes that were more narratively cohesive and ambitious but lacking his unique and intangible comic sensibility-NO! When someone asks how well your week is going… CBB pic.

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The Gryffindor House after Harry caught the golden snitch in his mouth blackhogwarts pic. This video of ChadMichaels1 has changed my life pic. Me trying on clothes for a first date and asking the government workers in the webcam what they think pic. I now present to you, the Lady Bird trailer, but I scream every word Me when y'all applaud men for doing the bare minimum: Straight couple: About to hit the gym pic.

2. Never gets any easier

Cher talking about life after love pic. When the seinfeld theme comes on pic.

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Why did Meryl Streep attended the ceremony dressed as the Fairy godmother from Shrek? Oscars pic.

The Craft pic. A Quiet Place pic. I'm fine my brain: My therapist after charging me for 45 minutes of resurfacing traumatizing events in my life pic. Me, looking up at the kfc menu pic. Fellas you see a spider in your bed and it look like this wyd pic. When I thought I was out of reasons to describe why Ariana Grande is a gay icon pic. Hereditary Spoiler without Context pic.

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One Direction members ranked: They all are great in different ways 3. They each have great voices 2. And each excel in different songs 1.

2. Though your underwear may not be supporting you, I am

Harry Styles. Big have Mr.

1. Wonder why that is

Conduct your straight meme consumption elsewhere. View "17 Gay Memes (Not Straight)" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor. View "13 Gay Memes That Are Good as Hell" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor. Thanks to Antoni I can now make a hot dog. undefined.

Big Dick Energy? If I was on Queer Eye: You cannot live surrounded by art supplies and Maverik cups Tan: Oh henny you gotta hydrate Karamo: Why do you hide behind jokes Antoni: Please stop, I have a boyfriend. When drake said "why does someone not know how to flush the toilet after they've had a shit?? Drag Race, Season 10 finale pic.

When she comes over and she starts looking at your new hoodie plotting for a way to take it pic. When I was a child, a witch put a spell on me that turns me into an ogre Shrek: The New York State Senate, long a treacherous place for any bill, has blocked GENDA and the ban on gay reparative therapy from reaching a vote on the floor, even though both bills had the votes to pass. Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash has had the last remaining sexual battery claim against him dismissed due to the statute of limitations.

The Washington Times , which was the media partner of the March for Marriage has lowered their crowd estimates to hundreds, while the AP says it was between 1,, people. NOM is claiming 10, In sad news, Nate Estimada of Men of the Strip is dead of an apparent suicide. Police say he drove his Mustang off a cliff near City of Industry Los Angeles, and was accelerating at the time.

The best memes of 2018

Two exceptions appear to be the Social Security Administration and certain Veterans Administration benefits. But a big problem is that that briefing was embargoed, and someone broke the embargo, leading to a White House email to activists stating they would no longer be briefed in advance of announcements because of the leak.

Had to walk out. Sunset Overdrive not only allows female protagonists hey, Ubisoft, you listening?

24 Hilarious Gay Memes From Best Of Grindr That Are Guaranteed To Make You Gay Cackle

You can be female, you can be male, you can be different skin tones and body types. All the clothing is gender neutral. If you want to be a dude in skirt, you can be a dude in a skirt. Just be who you want to be. We can probably attribute some of the representation we have in video games to the original The Sims.