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Our decision about your profile cannot be changed and no exceptions will be made. I think I was blocked because I simply told women I'm "not liberal" when they wrote me my profile stated that I'm conservative and Christian. I had a week-long conversation an eternity on Bumble with a very nice, pretty not a 10 like many on there and it ended up being a scam. Once I gave her my number I got text in that weird style with accents and blocks in between words I couldn't believe it, she was aware of local bars and couldn't seem more legit. She probably he lol put some real time and effort on me.

Haven't paid a dime so there's that, but sob It's just mean. I can't believe how many poor souls paid because they just want some companionship Really brutal. Keep your head up, out there All the best. Bumble has one job and it does not do it! Bumble is supposed to match you with people of opposite sex.

Even then who knows if Bumble really does anything?! Maybe it just says you are in spotlight but you are not?! It's a good money making strategy for Bumble to make guys frustrated by not showing their profile to women or showing the profile to women but hiding the likes?! Totally unethical company!

An ad popped up, the X button didn't work to delete it, the back button didn't work to return to the previous page, so there was no way to get rid of the ad.

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It gave me a choice of 4 subscriptions one of which must have been selected, but that wasn't clear and a button said "continue", so I thought I would have to find out more before they would let me remove the ad. When I pressed "Continue" the message came up "purchase successful". Now I want to know if the subscription automatically renews 6 months later or not, but can't find any information about that or about my own subscription. In the FAQs it says there should be a button to manage and delete my subscription, but no such button exists. I want to call them but no phone number exists.

I try to send an email to them but after writing it, the "send" button doesn't work.

I try the website but it's worse than the app. So I now have to cancel my credit card to make sure I don't keep getting charged every 6 months because there's literally no way to cancel the subscription. Total scam. Bumble is no different than POF. I decided to give Bumble a try after getting off POF a few years ago. I really liked the idea of Bumble because as a woman you got to initiate the conversation based on the individuals you matched up with.

At first you get tons of matches but as numerous people have mentioned, once you upgrade to the Bumble boost you end up with like 10 people and most of the matches are outside your location. Even after I upgrade I think I only matched with 3 or 4 people.

Bumble App Review: Is Bumble a good or bad dating app for men?

None of them really wanted to meet and when you asked to exchange numbers to chat on the phone they either unmatched with you or stopped responding to you. Bumble is awful. Avoid it at all cost.

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The dating world has changed so much!!! I just found out I've been secretly getting billed for the last 5 months from Bumble for a one-time Bumble boost I thought I needed because their app produced little results. Come to find out it auto renews every week!!! Not every month at a much lower cost, but every week for the highest price available they have for the service. It takes numerous attempts for contact to only hear we do not offer refunds of any kind even though I haven't been on there since their so-called "boost".

Mine was a "Bust" and I'd have better luck finding and dating women on a all gay men's dating site. My looks are above-average based on a general consensus of women but yet didn't receive any correspondence from women within my same dating pool.

I even went as far as swiping right on several hundred profiles randomly and still only receive interest in 1 or 2 women who were definitely not my type. Don't expect the slightest sympathy or concern because their goal is to take money and keep you broke so you can't take out quality women. They want you to date low-quality women so your dating life has a high turnover and you're stuck using them continually in the future, lol.

Sadly and unfortunately, I put a TON of time and energy into this platform that I saw as a great networking and prospecting platform. I lost ALL contacts and connections. I thought it was just a glitch, until after a few days and using it all over again, it happened again They said that there were too many "reports" meaning complaints and I have been permanently deleted.

What in the Heck! How in the world can I be kicked from a platform for networking? Why would other users have the power to report and get you deleted? Here's my Networking: How are you? I am on here to cultivate relationships to and to see if anyone is looking to buy or sell real estate? Your line of work looks interesting, I may know someone to refer you to! So, to be deleted? That means that other "rude" people who don't want to be in contact, are intentionally reporting falsely The person reporting needs to be deleted.

I received an email that suggested that copy and paste is not recommended, I followed ALL of the rules, and a few weeks later I was reinstated, and then deleted, and was told it was permanent, with zero recourse, not explanations, cannot even call to get a human on the phone This platform is set up in a very poor way.

So angry that I wasted so many hours all to just be wasted! Like others on here, I have had a hard time cancelling my subscription. I tried to cancel on my phone. I tried to cancel on my computer. I tried to find a customer service number they don't have one - shows what they think of their customers. Half an hour lost. Don't buy this.

I decided to try this app about a year ago after becoming frustrated with Tinder and Badoo btw, women, especially educated professionals would do well to stay away from this one!

Bumble Review

I liked the idea of being able to choose who I wanted to communicate with, but at the same time, I wasn't finding the right guy, either. Lo and behold I find someone I like and they never turn out to be right. But what's even frustrating is the fact that profile disappear and it seems to be the ones you really are curious about.

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For example, I'll match with a guy that I am interested in. After waiting until the evening to send a message, I'd log in only to find their profile was gone.

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Is Bumble better, or should you stick with Tinder? They're both wildly popular dating apps – but is Bumble the right choice for you? This Bumble review has. Like any swiping dating app, Bumble is very visually focused, meaning it will serve you best to have some good profile pictures if you want to get messages from.

This happened to me about 3 straight times with the same person! And what's highly suspicious is that my subscription also happened to expire at the same time. I was frustrated and upset. One has to wonder if this is not an actual person playing games, but a sophisticated marketing scam to get people to "find" that lost person and extend their subscription. I think I've had about enough pain and suffering with online dating altogether! True love is worth waiting for, perhaps in person.

Joined this app because I liked the concept of being able to choose who to communicate with for the purposes of dating.

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I find from my experience on the app lots of fake profiles and men who are not actually on the app to date or even get to know a woman for the purposes of dating or relationships. It is more like men asking me what I am doing tonight in bed and why I am not netflixing and chilling with them which as a woman who is almost 30 is a complete joke to me. Men have also been quite insulting to me on this app and they have no idea what they want and I think most of them use this app to hookup. I have no time or games to be spent on here.

I am a young educated professional and I am trying to meet other people who are the same.

Tinder vs Bumble: THE BEST DATING APP IS ___________

I am a busy professional and hope to meet other professionals for casual dating and maybe potential relationships. Bumble puts a bunch of people in your "matches" who appear to be from your area but if you swipe right and go back in to message them, they are from hundreds of miles away--if they exist at all.

What a scam! I had a free 14 day trial of Bumble Boost. I was going to cancel the subscription. The day the trial ended a popup on the app said that my trial had ended and asked if I would like to purchase Bumble Boost. I chose not to purchase Bumble Boost and it seemed like I didn't have Boost anymore because I couldn't see the Beeline. I thought the app automatically cancelled my subscription because I chose not to purchase Boost.

The next day, I still don't have Boost and all is well. I felt so scammed, this company doesn't care about creating relationships. The only relationship they want to create is one between your bank account and them. I contact Bumble, tell them how their app made it seem like I was no longer receiving the service only to be charged They deny a refund.