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Getting naked: Armand Aucamp on coming out the closet: South African actor Armand Aucamp, known for his roles on TV, the big screen and the stage, recently. Activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur Thami Kotlolo used his star-studded birthday. South Africa queer works score in Christian media awards: Court gives Brenda Fassie movie the green light: Posted by Roberto Igual 0 Comments.

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5 years later, gay escort industry busy

Our pictorial coverage of Cape Town Pride continues. Thousands took part in the annual Cape Town Pride. Hiking in the woods can be fun, especially when. Saturday, 24 November was the day Nelson Mandela. Posted by Riaan Norval On Apr 5, Posted by Roberto Igual On Mar 26, Posted by Roberto Igual On Mar 19, Posted by Roberto Igual On Mar 12, Posted by Roberto Igual On Mar 7, Following the grisly attack the spotlight turned on to the "rent boy" industry and calls were made to clean up Sea Point, which was branded as a seedy and dangerous underworld home of drugs and gangs.

We are all vulnerable to hijackings, robberies. All we can do is take more care.

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Today people tended to hook up on the internet before meeting their client, and most rent boys no longer lived in private homes like the Sizzlers boys did at 7 Graham Street. A number of them came from smaller, conservative country homes, and had families who had no idea what they were doing. It made identifying them that much harder.

Homosexuals find freedom of expression in SA

Glenn de Swardt, manager of health services, counselling and research at the Triangle Project, a gay and lesbian organisation, said business was back to normal with plenty of boys getting into the industry to make money for drugs. Even today, five years later, questions remained over the motive for the extraordinary attack and whether a third attacker had been involved, he said.

The gruesome slaying touched on the "shadow element of society", one that was seldom acknowledged. De Swardt, who testified as an expert witness for the prosecution during the high-profile Sizzlers trial on how the attack affected the community, said that violent hate crimes continued today, but were not always discussed. The most recent victim of such attacks was gay Muizenberg architect Peter Sim, 68, who was stabbed to death at his Killarney Road home on December 28 or De Swardt said others who were targeted included black lesbians who were at high risk of rape by men who believed they could "cure" the women by having sex with them.

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De Swardt said "gay bashing" was still rife, with homosexuals being regarded as soft targets. Marlow Valentine, manager of community engagement and empowerment programmes at the Triangle Project, said they will launch the campaign next month to highlight hate crimes and gender-based violence.

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National leaders were frequently quite happy to speak out about general violence against women but said nothing when it came to the killing of gay people. The police don't take them seriously and we often only hear about them after the fact," said Valentine. He said Sim had been the target of homophobic and verbal abuse by patrons of a pub next door to his Muizenberg house prior to his murder.